Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Wedding with Bella! Wedding range

What could be more romantic than a winter wedding?  I can't think of anything!  I was inspired by the beautiful range of papers in the Bella! Wedding range. 
There are silver and pink and blue and gold papers mixed with whites and ivory.  So pretty!!!
I created a card and a gift box to celebrate all of the beautiful winter  weddings!

This is one of the beautiful stepper card bases from Fundamentals.  The card base is made of  a really  thick, high quality paper.  Love that!  Thank you Fundamentals!
With just 2 cuts and a couple of folds, I was able to transform the already awesome card base into this interactive card base.  Fun!!
I also made this little gift box to accompany my card.  It's perfect for a gift card or whatever else you would like to tuck away in it.
Here is a view of the top.  Did you notice this beautiful flower on both my card and this box?  I made it with the lovely Fundamentals Vellum and a die.  This is some of the prettiest vellum I have ever seen, and of course, true Fundamental style, it's really thick and sturdy.
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